Asphalt Paving Las Vegas

Asphalt paving means the installation of asphalt and is a service completed for new construction or existing properties. Preferred Concrete Contracting is well equipped to provide you with accurate estimates for your new construction projects. Additionally, we have the ability to meet all deadlines and most importantly complete these projects to the required specifications. In the second scenario of existing properties, we generally refer to this service as asphalt remove and replace. These 2 types of asphalt paving las vegas projects are the most expensive when it comes to asphalt services.However, regardless of how costly, there comes a time when all asphalt either needs to be installed or replace.

Preferred Concrete Contracting offers free evaluations for any roadway and for all of our clients. This evaluation can yield valuable information that can help you budget and plan reserves. Also, these inspections can bring attention to failing roadways that need to be addressed immediately done immediately. If you would like a free evaluation and/or estimate call us today at (702) 437-3939 or submit a request for quote here.

Las Vegas is a very dynamic city impacted heavily by our national economy. Housing tracks, commercial complexes and buildings are going up around Las Vegas at an astonishing rate. You cannot drive 100 feet without seeing something new being built. These waves of development have occurred since 1905, and with any wave, there are periods where all motions cease. As a result; much like when new developments occur in the entire valley simultaneously, hundreds of projects and communities that were developed during past high-development waves have reached their useful life of pavement and must have them redone.

Preferred Concrete Contracting has completed over 10,000,000 sf of asphalt paving Las Vegas over the last decade. We value our customers and grateful to have been given the opportunity to pave the way in Las Vegas since 1999.


To begin and asphalt paving project, it is vital to take core sample the asphalt to determine its depth (thickness) throughout the property. This will ensure that your contractor is providing you with an accurate estimate. Additionally, it is important to core sample the base material (sub-soils or dirt) underneath the asphalt to determine whether or not is has sufficient compaction. Asphalt paving is a large investment; in comparison to other asphalt services, and sampling the compaction of the base materials is one of the most important processes when it comes to ensuring the longevity and integrity of your new asphalt purchase.








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